Saturday, 9 September 2017

Hand Painted Glasses by Witchcorner

Hand Painted Glasses

by Witchcorner

£32 plus shipping
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Made in Stoke Gifford

"Witchcorner was established as a gift shop in Andrea's home country, Hungary in 2001. At this time, witches and superstitious decoration items were popular and often bought as gifts as an appreciation for this trend. In 2006, Andrea moved to England and felt pleased to be able to continue her business as an online shop - her own little ‘corner’ of the internet.

These delicately painted glasses make a fabulous gift for weddings, anniversaries etc. You could also treat yourself and brighten up the evening of a casual weekday with these stylish glasses. The design is outlined with a raised liner which is then filled with colours and heatset in the oven."

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