Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Bonfire Night Witch Doll by The Princess Pumpkin

Bonfire Night Witch Doll

by The Princess Pumpkin

£13 plus shipping
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Made in Catterick

"The crackle of fire, the smell of bonfires, candy apples and fallen leaves, all these things set this little witch's heart alight!

Inspired by the flames of fire her dress is shades of bright, warming reds and oranges, carrying her own torch to bring light to anyone's life.

Created using soft wool rovings felted together to create her figure and full gown. Standing upon a wooden base.

She stands at just under 6 inches and would make an adorable addition to any display or home, she will also bring a gift for you as a thank you for her new home...A little ceramic pumpkin!

"Legend has it, that lost deep in the heart of the Norrland Forest of Scandinavia, hidden between aging Norway Spruce and mushroom scattered mossy rocks, lives a witch who, according to the tales, grows magical bronze pumpkins. Once a year, she trades 2 of her prized pumpkins then disappears back into the mountains. Will you discover the legend?"

* * *

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