Sunday, 22 October 2017

Carmel Rucksack by Tiger Pig Creations

Carmel Rucksack / Bucket Bag

by Tiger Pig Creations

£85 plus shipping
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Made in Newbury

"The Carmel Rucksack is the holy grail of bags: capacious enough to easily handle everything you need to tote about with you, classy and sophisticated but casual enough to not make you feel overdressed and - best of all - its flexible design means you can transform it from a backpack to a cross-body bucket bag or standard shoulder bag.

It truly is a wonder bag! This version comes in the gorgeously colourful Girasol Rainbow Obsession Cuervo design with co-ordinating turquoise drawstring and interior and a useful interior pocket lined in matching Girasol scrap."

* * *

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