Thursday, 30 November 2017

Raccoon Earrings by Slumbermonkey

Raccoon Earrings

by Slumbermonkey

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Made in Durweston

"These tiny raccoon studs are so cute. Hand drawn with a cute striped jumper, they are the best dressed in the woodland! These earrings would make a wonderful little gift.

These studs have been printed onto shrink plastic. Shrink plastic is a fantastic process! The design is printed onto an A4 sheet of special plastic and then cut out before it is placed into an oven. The plastic is then baked at a very high temperature for only two minutes. During this process the design shrinks to approximately 40% of its size. Once removed from the oven it hardens quickly as it cools. The piece can then be finished and varnished. The shrink plastic that I use has a slightly textured surface.

Studs are approximately 2cm x 1.5cm."

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