Monday, 11 December 2017

Hello Flower Dish by Sue Lashmar Glass

Hello Flower Dish

by Sue Lashmar Glass

£60 plus shipping
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Made in Baydon

"This Fused Glass* Dish is made from a gorgeous Burnt Scarlet transparent glass laid over white opaque glass. It also features a black flower pattern with the words 'Hello Flower'. It measures approx. 22cm square and 4cm high.

* Fused Glass - One or more layers of fusible glass are fired in a kiln, to temperatures of up to 820 degrees Centigrade or over 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, so that the layers melt together, soften and sometimes change colour.

My unique designs usually start from a colour combination inspired by my love of nature, then the piece ‘evolves’ when I include patterns, shapes and interesting elements to make a truly original creation.
I am lucky to have a purpose built studio and gallery in the beautiful North Wiltshire countryside and have a view of green fields and my neighbour’s alpacas!"

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