Monday, 25 December 2017

Tatted Flower Necklace by Tats Right

Tatted Flower Necklace

by Tats Right

£12 plus shipping
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Made in London

"Tatted Lace Flower Necklace in Red and White Cotton

This necklace is a fabulous addition to your party outfit with the bright and cheerful red and white eye-catching flowers. I tatted this in high quality cotton thread with added extender chains and strings for an adjustable length.

The necklace is perfect for St George's Day celebrations in the UK. And, for those of you who are in the USA - add some blue beads and the flowers turn in to stars for the Independence Day party!

The front motif of the necklace is 15 centimeters long and consists of three larger flowers and two smaller. The large flowers have an approximate 3.2 centimeters diameter and the smaller are 2.5 centimeters. The necklace is adjustable with tatted tie-strings. "

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