Friday, 12 January 2018

Seagrass Traveller's Notebook by Elrohir Leather

Seagrass Traveller's Notebook

by Elrohir Leather

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Made in Cyffylliog

"Our gorgeous and popular seagrass ombre pattern now available in a blue, turquoise, and green hand dyed leather in most of our popular sizes!

It is made from firm 2.5mm waxed and edge rubbed veg-tan leather, hand dyed in graduated gorgeous shades of blue, dark blue, turquoise and aqua green, carved with seagrasses. All sizes except A4 come with three inserts of our fountain pen friendly blue and cream paper!

Every single one of these will look different--so yours may be more blue, more turquoise, lighter or darker...with different grasses (we carve them freehand). Guaranteed to be completely different to everyone else's!"

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