Saturday, 17 February 2018

Gothic Flower Tiara by Gillis Flowers

Gothic Flower Tiara

by Gillis Flowers

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Made in London

"This dramatic looking black and purple rose crown has been made using hand folded origami roses which have been attached to a black velvet covered metal hairband and then finished with tiara twists in black gunmetal coloured wire and purple and black Swarovski® crystals and pearls.

As well as being perfect for a Gothic bride or someone wanting an alternative look to their wedding this black and purple Rose Crown would also be perfect to finish off a Halloween outfit if you are after a corpse bride type look. Or even for a dramatically different prom look.

Although black and purple do not seem appropriate for a wedding, the language of flowers says otherwise! Black roses mean new beginnings and pure devotion while the purple ones mean enthralment and enduring love and so combined the hidden meaning is perfect for a wedding."

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  1. I like this. It is different to the usual flower headbands :)