Sunday, 11 March 2018

Chainmaille Bracelet by Chainmaille And Charms

Chainmaille Bracelet

by Chainmaille And Charms

£10 plus shipping
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Made in Ramsgate

"This dragonsteps chainmaille bracelet has been created using silver anodised rings with a rainbow pattern to provide a beautiful contrast. Measuring 7.5 inches and finished with a plated clasp. Other sizes can be custom ordered.

Handcrafted and individually weaved, no piece is ever exactly the same - a truly unique piece of jewellery! Using a range of techniques to weave the rings together results in hundreds of variations of these beautiful chainmaille pieces.

An ancient craft once used to armour ourselves has now been brought into modern day and is used to also adorn ourselves.

I use anodised aluminium to create these pieces which makes them eye catching yet light and easy to wear."

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