Sunday, 25 March 2018

Fused Glass Bowl by Samsara Glass Designs

Fused Glass Bowl

by Samsara Glass Designs

£28 plus shipping
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Made in Swindon

"A beautiful, organically shaped rainbow coloured bowl. The colours have been created using powdered glass and moved in such a way that created a bit more blending than is possible with sheet glass. This bowl is a statement piece that will brighten any room and can also be functional as a snack bowl, candle holder, jewellery dish, or any number of other uses!

The bowl measures approximately 15cm by 15cm and has a depth of around 5cm. It is also completely food safe.

All items are handmade by myself in my home workshop, the glass is layered and then fired in a kiln in order to fuse the layers together. Because each item is handmade they will all be slightly different. "

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