Monday, 4 June 2018

Plantable Seed Card by Charlie Collis Design

Plantable Seed Card

by Charlie Collis Design

£3 plus shipping
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Made in Southampton

"This Red Tulip greeting card has a secret superpower... the stock that it's printed on contains marigold, larkspur & cornflower seeds.

Once the card has been used and it's message received, the lucky recipient can PLANT and GROW their very own mini wildflower garden!

The inside of the card has been left blank for your own message, so it's suitable for any special occasion. Perfect for unexpected birthdays, surprise celebrations, or even a big 'Congratulations!'. Comes with full instructions for growing on the back.

Includes a ribbed brown recycled paper envelope, free from animal based adhesives. Even the protective pack that your item will arrive in is fully biodegradable... it's made from corn starch and uses a non toxic petro-chemical based adhesive tape!"

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