Saturday, 16 November 2019

Alpaga Bar / Dresser by Ibride

Halfway between art and design, this incredible fringe furniture is a limited edition with just 100 of them. Each example comes with an authenticity certificate signed by the designer BenoƮt Convers. Half animal, half plant, the presence of this furniture is troubling... With fringes on all sides, this mysterious furniture seems to be breathing under its long coat of silky fringes. Such a precious gem, the viscose fringes are available in wonderful harmonies of colour. They decorate the minimalist structure with an elegance and lightness.Alpaga is offering an original tactile experience: it is surprising to stroke it and run your hands through it, slipping them inside to discover what this waterfall of wools, that are silky and warm to the touch, hides. And its centre is the soul of the party: glass legs, champagne flutes, shakers, carafes, spirits and liqueurs are carefully placed in it.

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