Friday, 26 January 2018

Abstract Acrylic Painting by Stars And Stems

Abstract Acrylic Painting

by Stars And Stems

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Made in Glasgow

"This work is entitled 'Azzuro' and is a stunning hand-made artwork with a Japanese touch. An original gift for friends, family, your home or yourself.

- Framed dimensions 43 x 63 x 4cm (approx)

- Framed in beautiful dark wood to show colours off to maximum effect

- Abstract acrylic painting in blues and gold

- Created with gorgeous patterned blue, gold and white chiyogami paper from Japan

- Set on thick white paper with rough torn edge

- Torn white paper gives impression of floating when framed

- Inspired by my practice of yoga and the chakra system

- Blue represents Visuddha chakra which is a deep blue, representing self-expression and confidence in your opinions"

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