Saturday, 10 February 2018

Decorative Glass Jar by Crafty Creations 00GB

Decorative Glass Jar

by Crafty Creations 00GB

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Made in Croydon

"Purple Floral Decorative Glass Jar

Measuring approximately 15cm x 7cm,this beautiful jar is decorated with a floral pattern. Each jar is coated with white chalk paint, decoupage is then applied and coated with matt PVA glue. Grey jute twine has been wound around the top and a small wooden matching heart has been added to create a fabulous look.

This will be a perfect gift to have on your shelves, windowsill or can be used as a storage jar for pens/pencils/make up brushes and many other uses.

Please note that every jar is individually handcrafted, so no two are the exact same."

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