Thursday, 29 March 2018

Satin Lined Beanie by Thandi Wrap

Satin Lined Beanie

by Thandi Wrap

£6 plus shipping
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Made in London

"The satin lined, beanie bids goodbye to the “house-look" or "bed-look". Chic, comfortable, practical and versatile. Wear it at home, popping out on the errand, walking the dog, right through to bedtime.

Kinder to hair, the satin lining reduces the friction that adds to frizziness, split-ends, and breakage. It will protect your hair while keeping your head and ears warm on a cold wintry day. Even more, wear it under your head wrap for a snugly fit and hair protective to your crown.

Size - standard fit
Material - Cotton, satin & elastic
Care - Machine and hand washable"

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