Thursday, 8 March 2018

Snowdrops Linocut Card by Handmade By Haggy

Snowdrops Linocut Card

by Handmade By Haggy

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Made in Faversham

"The Snowdrop Card is an original linocut print or linoprint handmade by myself (Haggy) from start to finish. This Botanical Spring Flower Greeting Card would be perfect for flower or garden lovers! The design depicts Green Snowdrops growing. It would make a lovely Birthday, Mother's Day, Thank You or Get Well Card.

The card is a limited edition of 23 original prints.


I wanted to print a Snowdrop card to signify the first signs of Spring. I suffer from the gloominess of winter and so I am always so pleased to see the Snowdrops breaking the frosty ground! The Snowdrop (Galanthus) is otherwise known as the Flower of Hope. Most likely because it is among the very first to awaken us into believing that winter will soon be gone for another year and warm sunny days will return."

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