Thursday, 22 March 2018

Whale Hello Spatula by Lisa Berkshire

Whale Hello Spatula

by Lisa Berkshire

£28 plus shipping
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Made in Poole

"This wooden spatula has been hand-painted by me in acrylic paints with pigment ink pen line. I have finished it with acrylic varnish to make it pretty durable and waterproof, though it is FOR DECORATIVE PURPOSES ONLY.
If you use it for cooking you will get illustrations in your dinner and although the materials are non-toxic, you wouldn't really want that, and it would spoil your spoon to the point of having to throw it away.

It would look great, as pictured, as in the photograph here, in a jar with some driftwood, or some teasles, or other such coastal inspired natural dried decorative plants.

Or propped on a shelf, a bathroom would be perfect as it will withstand steam and humidity with being varnished.

It is the kind of object that is just nice to have around as it gives a nice bit of artistic interest to wherever it is put, and who doesn't like someone saying hello to them? One of the best words in the world in my opinion!"

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