Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Chocolate Bouquet by Coco Blooms

Chocolate Bouquet

by Coco Blooms

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Made in Warrington

"A stunning 35 chocolate flower bouquet with Ferrero Rocher and/or Lindor Lindt in strikingly vibrant colours!

This chocolate bouquet is a good size and you can feel 100% confident that it will absolutely wow the recipient! I craft it for 2 hours to create the gorgeous and strikingly vibrant colours. This orange and gold bouquet is a really great choice for that unusual gift.

It's a classy design and finish standing tall and proud it certainly will light up someone's face when they receive it! The bouquet is filled with either 23 delicious Ferrero Rocher or Lindor Lindt milk chocolates together with 12 Belgian Milk Chocolates that are delicately weaved in between gold and orange luxury fabric paper wrapping, finished off with eye catching twigs and butterflies for that final touch.

It really is beautiful! "

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