Friday, 27 April 2018

That Was The River by Jon Mackay

That Was The River

by Jon Mackay

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Made in Oxford

"I was drawn to the idea of being small in a big world as well as a sense of fragility into the illustration. I also wanted to convey a feeling of standing firm in adversity and clinging on to hope no matter how small it is.

The title of the piece is 'That Was the River' which is taken from the Waterboys album 'This is the Sea' from their 1985 album of the same name. This is a new series of prints that I am working on, of which this is the first artist proofs.

That Was the River is a two colour screen print of an original illustration that I've done. Its printed onto 250gsm Fabriano Unica 50% Cotton paper. The size of the print is 29 by 41 cm with the paper size being 35 by 50cm.

The print has been hand printed by myself and is sold unframed "

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