Thursday, 10 May 2018

Mosaic Garden Wall Hanging by Jo Sara UK

Mosaic Garden Wall Hanging

by Jo Sara UK

£18 plus shipping
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Made in Hull

"A mini mosaic Green Man of folklore. He's the symbol of rebirth so perfect as a decoration to use in your garden. He's got translucent and iridescent leaves dotted around to add depth and metallic shine to the design. A great gift for a gardener, or someone getting a new home, or just treat your own garden to a Green Man to watch over it.

A 13cm tall x 13cm wide (just over 5 inches x 5 inches) slate base with a mosaic made out of vitreous glass tiles. The mosaic is finished with a grey grout that is designed to repel algae and mold, and comes with a twine hanger."

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