Thursday, 18 October 2018

Slytherin Scarf by Kaspars Cosy Creations

Slytherin Scarf

by Kaspars Cosy Creations

£18 plus shipping
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Made in Gainsborough, England

"Hand-knitted, warm and cosy wool/acrylic scarf, just right if you want the look of a Hogwarts Slytherin student.

If you are planning to go "trick or treating" this Halloween as a witch or wizard, this is the perfect scarf to keep you warm, but stylish enough to be able to wear any other time too!

It is deep green and grey, approximately 155cm long and 14cm wide. As with any knitted garments, the stitches will give a little as worn or hung so it will grow a little with time. There are no fringe/tassels on this scarf, but if you are truly from Slytherin you wouldn't want fancy stuff like that!"

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